Does your body need more water?

Photo by Daniel Brunsteiner on Unsplash

Enough cannot be said about the gift of water to mankind. Pure water is the living essence of existence. With our body comprising of up to 70% water (differences vary with age) it is significant to note that this drink — often dismissed as an afterthought is crucial for the optimal health of the body.

Pure water comes with a long list of glorifying benefits and with good reason.

My favourite reasons to drink water are:

  • Transport Medium: Water helps transport nutrients and oxygen to cells. Conversely it helps toxins and waste matter exit the body. This helps the body thrive and keeps it running efficiently. In turn it keeps the metabolism chugging on and thereby immunity remains at its best.
  • Hydrates the body: Water as an essential component of the body needs to be constantly replenished. This ensures all organs stay hydrated to ensure the body functions smoothly. Internal hydration shows on the outside as well with fewer age lines appearing. Gorgeous celebrities like Halle Berry and Jada Pinkett Smith always have a special shoutout for the role that water plays in their lives.

How much water to drink?

While I believe that is every individual’s preference, it is fair to say that I like to follow the rule where a multiplier (2/3) of my body weight in oz is my quota for the day. That is flexible given how I feel that day, subject to other factors like temperature or activity levels. On an average I allow myself to drink about 2.5 litres of water a day at the very least. While this may seem a bit too much for some, I would say that I have done so for close to a decade now and I cannot say enough how great that feels.

Since I ensure my meals have a decent amount of fibre in it, it helps to drink sufficient water for the fibre to be eliminated. On days when I am travelling and I somehow cannot drink this amount, I can tell that something feels amiss.

How I drink my water:

On waking up I have my biggest chunk of water which is about a litre. I add freshly grated ginger and turmeric to it along with a dash of pepper and a squeeze of lemon. During my workout I sip about another half litre of water. After lunch I work through another litre of water as and when I feel the need for hydration. Any more water post that is purely optional. Additionally I prefer warm water to cold as it keeps me regular and happy.

My husband and I do enjoy a drink of chamomile-lavender tea post dinner. I love to add green tea before noon and herbal teas (dandelion root, fennel, tropical fruit blend, hibiscus-raspberry) after noon. Ginger, lemon, lemongrass, oat straw etc. always add the extra flavour I need to increase my fluid consumption. Moreover as a tea drinker I use blends of white/green/oolong tea with rooibos, raspberry leaf, goji berry etc. Tea infusions have also helped me flavour the water without adding the calories.

Fruit-infused water is fun and pretty too. However, I prefer to eat my fruit and so I find myself making less of these drinks. I have noted some premium hotels sport these barrels in their lounges and while it makes for great aesthetics it encourages a lot of us to reach for a drink.

Let me know how you incorporate water in your life.

Stay Radiant!!